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Candle Lids

Our Lids are ideal for our Windsor and Oxford Candle Glasses

Candle Lids

You may wonder why you should consider putting a lid over the top of your candles, when your reason for buying candles in the first place is to be able to enjoy the beauty of their naked flame.

Candle lids have been used for thousands of years as a way of prolonging the life of a candle. And especially if your candles are in places which are accessible by pets and small children, they can offer valuable extra protection for both the candle, and unsuspecting hands and noses!

Many more expensive, scented candles are supplied with a lid of their own. But at Randall’s Candles, we also stock a range of inexpensive and effective candle lids. When used properly, these will keep your candles safe when not in use, yet they are also designed to look decorative and be in keeping with the character and style of your candles.

Why Do You Recommend Using Candle Lids?

If you’ve bought your candle largely on the strength of the attractive fragrance that it will impart to your chosen space, then not using a candle lid is effectively like throwing away some of the money you’ve spent!

Fragrance experts know very well that the carefully-formulated aromas given off by a candle will, over time, become more diluted the more they are exposed to the air - the very same reason why you should never leave the top off a bottle of scent.

So a candle lid is just like that stopper. It traps in the full strength of your candle’s fragrance, and keeps it ready to be released when you next light it.

A candle lid also keeps day-to-day pollutants from settling on your candle’s wick and wax. If you’ve ever kept any candle in the open air for a long time, you can’t fail to have noticed that it does attract grime, grease and dust that’s floating around in the air, just like any other solid surface.

These can all affect the quality of your candle’s flame, as well as its intensity. So covering the top of the candle makes it far more difficult for these microscopic pollutants to reach its sensitive parts. So candle lids protect your investment, and let you enjoy it for far longer!


Randall’s Candles is your one-stop shop for everything to do with candles - including diffusers and a huge range of candle containers. We’re happy to pass on to you the benefit of our many years’ knowledge and experience to help you choose a lid that will keep your candle looking beautiful and burning strongly for as long as possible.

If you need any more advice, we’re happy to help - just contact our helpline on 01945 880247, or take a look at our FAQs page, where we answer many of the most common general questions we get asked by our customers.

Candle Lids FAQs

Why should I buy lids for my candles?

If you burn candles regularly, you’ll soon realise that dust and general pollutants floating around in the air can easily gather all over your candles. While this might in the short term have little effect on the candle wax, when it accumulates on and around the wick, it can adversely affect the candle’s burning properties.

So protecting these vulnerable surfaces with a candle lid will ensure that your candles have a longer, healthier burn, beside keeping them looking cleaner and more attractive.

Will using a candle lid help my candle’s scent last longer?

Yes, definitely. Besides their decorative qualities, candle lids also help prevent what’s called ‘cold throw’ - that is, the candle continuing to disperse some of its scent, even once it has been extinguished. In time, this can shorten the life of your candle.

Depriving the candle of air once it has been extinguished helps limit the amount of fragrance escaping, and so helps keep those lovely smells lasting for longer.

Can I use the candle lid to put out my candle?

Technically you can, and it will be perfectly safe, but we don’t recommend it. This is because particular types of candle lids are better than others for this purpose.

Some lids are made of wood or plastic, or have rubber seals around them. Any of these materials will deform or melt if they are put too close to a flame, so these types should definitely not be used to extinguish a candle.

While a metal lid is less prone to this, in time using it to put out your flame will result in sooty deposits forming on the underside. These not only look unsightly, but they can also smell.

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