Frequently Asked Questions

Our Service

I am new to candle making and not sure what I will need?

Please phone us and we will happily talk you through what you need and suggest what would be best for your particular requirements. Also, we sell candle making kits which have everything someone new to candle making needs along with detailed easy to follow illustrated instructions.

I would like to order a large /tricky order

Please phone us and we can talk it through. We are happy to assist and ensure any specific queries you have are sorted out, and make sure you have a firm price for your order.

Can I order over the phone instead of on the website?

Yes. We can take your orders over the phone and we always love talking to our customers!

Can I have next day delivery?

Our pricing for all orders is based on giving our customers best value for money. Up to 2kg we use Royal Mail second class (which normally arrives on the same day as first class). Over 2kg we use a courier.

If you have an urgent need for the items please contact us to let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Can I have combined postage for my items?

Our webstore adds up the total weight of each item and automatically calculates the correct postage cost for your order. So combined postage should be automatic on checkout.

If you think there is an error please contact us and we shall check. We only charge our customers actual costs for postage and packaging.

I would like specific scents/colours, how do I go about that?

Please send us an email with your request. We will check all messages before we dispatch the order. If we are low on a particular request we will contact you to discuss alternatives.

What forms of payment do you take?

We can accept most credit and debit cards, along with paypal. If you prefer you can post us a cheque or postal order to our address (on the contact us page). Please note that we will need cheques to clear before we can dispatch the goods

Candle Making

I am new to candle making, what is the best way to begin?

Firstly, read our FAQ and tips and advice pages. We recommend you buy a candle making kit with our easy to follow illustrated instructions for the quickest way to learn the basics. We are happy to talk you through anything that you wish, please feel free to call us.

How do I decide the best wick for my candles?

Getting to the perfect wick for your candle might be tricky, and sometimes needs a little trial and error. There are so many factors that affect the burn performance of a wick. The type of wax, the dye, type and amount of fragrance, type of container etc.

All our wicks show the diameter they are designed to melt, but it is not precise.

Please look at the description for the wick when buying to give best indication of the one you need. LX is designed to work best with paraffin wax, ECO with natural waxes.

We are happy to help if would like.

Do you sell beeswax, and wicks for beeswax?

Sorry, at this time we do not sell beeswax, nor have wicks specifically designed for it. We might add this in the future however if there is sufficient demand.

How much scent do I need to use?

Firstly, there is a limit to the amount of fragrance oil wax can hold. Once it reaches the maximum the wax will either separate out and drop to the bottom, or it will slowly leech out of the finished candle. We recommend adding 5ml of fragrance oil to 100g of wax (commonly called 5%).  This can be increased to up to 10% but we recommend not more than 8% as a rule for highly scented candles.

Also STIR the wax lots and lots and lots to make the oil as thoroughly mixed in as you can

How much dye do I add?

We sell two types of dye, and the amount needed is different for both

Inpex dye is used at approx. 10g for kg of wax

Bekro dye is more expensive per gram but is far stronger and used at 1-2g per kg of wax. Trust us when we say this dye is the best we have found! It is the one used by the factories.

NOTE. When using natural wax you often need to use more dye than for paraffin wax.

Percentages can be changed to give a stronger or lighter colour depending on what you are aiming for. Also colours can be blended to give almost any shade/colour you are looking for. We recommend you test a little wax by letting it cool before you add more colours as of course it is impossible to lessen the amount of dye once added!