Square Clamshell Moulds. Perfect for making wax melts! Made with 700 micron plastic.

Fitted with a ‘euroslot’ these make very professional presentation boxes for your wax melts, ideal for shop displays, or gifts, or for selling. The front of the clamshell has a large 80mm x 60mm area for your labelling if needed.

Note: Unlike the HEART clamshells, these are made from new plastic giving a lighter colour to the clamshellAlso these are thicker plastic at 700 micron

You can either fill each cavity, or fill to a higher level to create a bar which snaps.

Dimensions Internal 77mm x 56mm x 24mm. External 110mm x 75mm x 25mm. Cavity (max) 25mm x 25mm x 21mm

Weights approx Empty – 15grams  Filled cavities – 60grams (45 grams wax). Filled to maximum – 87grams (70grams wax)

INSTRUCTIONSOur Square Clamshells are made from plastic, so wax needs to be cool when poured. Ideally 50°C-60°C. Above 65°C the plastic might start to soften and become mis-shapen. Always pour on a fully protected surface There is a very low risk of leakage, so pour slowly checking for leaks as you go. Allow to set and cure if necessary. We recommend using a ‘pillar’ blend of wax which will be much easier to release from the mould than container blends. We have Elite-300 as a vegetable option, and Sasol Blended as a Paraffin option

If you have a faulty clamshell please retain this and send us images of the problem for us to resolve this.

If you are looking for Deli Pots we have them here, and for ‘flower’ shaped mould they are  here

These can all be found at

Clamshell Moulds – Square Cavity

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