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Aromatix 10ml Fragrance Oils

Aromatix fragrance oils
Our oils are especially manufactured in the UK to our specification for candle making.
We recommend using at about 5% for candles (5ml per 100g). this can be increased but remember that too much fragrance can affect the burn performance of your candle.
They are suitable for all types of waxes, and can be used in soaps at the the correct percentages (2% loading).
Do not use undiluted. Please handle the fragrances carefully and read the safety data in the SDS.
review posted 7/6/16
“GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT. I cannot say WOW enough! Sticky Toffee Pudding is to DIE for. I had to pull my candle jar away from someone who actually tried to lick it because it smells that good.
Each time I’ve made Fresh Linen I’ve received more people begging for another one.
These scents are incredible, so concentrated for an amazing smell that you will not regret purchasing.”
Product Attachments
For each fragrance we provide two attachments.
The first is the SDS, with IFRA and allergen information added at the end.
The second is CLP information that candlemakers have to provide on their candles and wax melts when selling them. This information has been calculated based on combining the fragrance with wax at normal levels. It is in Word format so it is simple to extract the information you require.*
* it is the customer responsibility to ensure that CLP labels are correctly completed.

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