Essential Oils

Essential Oils
Most essential oils are derived by steam distillation of the plant. These oils are highly concentrated and will need to be diluted before use.
Benefits include authentic aromas and the ability to claim a product to be 100% natural!
Note that essential oils have a lot shorter shelf life than synthetic and need to be kept out of the sun and at room temperature.
Add to wax at as low a temperature are possible to prevent excessive reduction in the fragrance.

In Candles: Please use in candles at 3% to 8% to wax depending on preference.

 Perfect for candles, melts , and for use with paraffin and soya waxes.
 Also, for use with Reed Diffusers (up to 25%) and Room Sprays (1-5%)
 Safe for use in body products when used at the correct percentage (except lip balm).
 SDS available for download free of charge.

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