Candle Making Dye
We sell three types – Bekro, Inpex, and 
Liquid (oil-based) dyes

Our recommendation would be to choose the Bekro candle making dye which is undoubtedly the best dyes we have found. They will give your candles an amazing depth of colour.
Use only at 1gm-2gm per kilogram of wax.
 This dye is highly concentrated and is manufactured to exceptional quality.
 Bekro use a stabiliser and anti-oxidant system and stable dye/pigment systems to minimise colour fading either during production or by light.
Amounts of dye might vary for natural waxes, please test a small sample first. Please note, the images are an indication of the colour in paraffin wax, and we encourage testing and experimentation to make sure you get the colour you are happy with.

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