Dry' Wicks from Spools

‘Dry’ Wick wicking Selector – for PILLAR CANDLES
Types of Wax
Candle Diameter Sasol Pillar 6243 Sasol Container 6213 Soya Elite 300 Pillar Blend Soya C-3 Container Blend
<30mm ECO 0.2 ECO 0.2 ECO 0.2 ECO 0.2
30-40mm ECO 0.5 ECO 0.5 ECO 0.5 ECO 0.5
40-50mm LX8, ECO 0.5 LX8, ECO 0.5 ECO 0.5 ECO 0.5
50-60mm LX10, ECO1 LX10, ECO1 ECO1, CC6 ECO1, CC6
60-70mm LX14, ECO4, CC6 LX14, ECO4, CC6 ECO4, CC10 ECO4, CC10
70-80mm LX18, ECO8, CC10 LX18, ECO8, CC10 ECO10, CC14 ECO10, CC14
80-90mm LX24, ECO12, CC14 LX24, ECO12, CC14 ECO16, CC18 ECO16, CC18
90-95mm LX30, ECO14 LX30, ECO14 CC18 CC18
This table is for guidance only. We recommend you test wicks either side of these as well.

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