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Candle Containers

Shop and buy containers for candle making online today from Randall's Candles. Whether you’re looking for glass holders, jars, or tins, Randall's Candles has a large range for your to choose from. Shop and buy containers for candle making today from Randall's Candles.

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    Candle Containers

    Just like candles themselves, candle containers are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so the only limit to how you store and display your candles is your own imagination (and a few safety considerations).

    At Randall’s Candles, we offer a huge selection of containers, in glass, ceramic and metal. You can also choose many of our containers in a wide variety of colours, and with or without lids.

    Candle glasses and candle tins are purposely made for safely storing and transporting candles when not in use, but to be sure of finding the ideal material for your particular needs, be sure to check out each individual product description.

    We also include high-quality images of each container, also featuring their full dimensions, so you can easily find the perfect fit for your candles, whether home-made or bought from us or another supplier.

    You can call us on 01945 880247, or email, if you have any questions about our containers, or any other of our products. We’ll be happy to help wherever possible, to ensure that you get the perfect product for your candle, and the use to which it will be put.

    How Do I Choose What Type of Candle Container I Should Use?

    If you really want to make sure you get the longest life possible from your candles, then keeping them stored safely in a good container, even when they are not in use, is a must.

    Tin, glass and ceramic are all popular choices for the materials used for candle containers, and many are available individually, or in bulk boxes.

    You should also be aware of the size you choose for your candle container, as this will indicate the size of candle which will be the best fit.

    Randall’s Candles is your one-stop shop for everything to do with candles, and we’re happy to pass on to you the benefit of our many years’ knowledge and experience to help you choose the ideal wick as the finishing touch to a candle that’s as unique and eye-catching as you want it to be!

    If you need any more advice, we’re happy to help - just contact our helpline on 01945 880247, or take a look at our FAQs page, where we answer many of the most common general questions we get asked by our customers.

    Candle Containers FAQs

    What is the best type of container in which to make candles?

    Glass is particularly popular as the material for a candle container. You should choose glass which is, ideally, as thick as possible, as this will then be more resistant to cracking. 

    But we also stock a number of other types of candle container, including ceramic. In these cases, all our candle containers are guaranteed to be non-porous, so that your candle flame only lights up exactly where you want it to.

    Just be sure to consider whether your container might a) crack, b) catch fire or c) leak. All of the candle containers we sell are specifically made for the purpose, so you’re guaranteed that they will be right for the job.

    Does keeping my candles in a container help them to last longer?

    Yes. Although all candles carry a ‘use by’ date, similar to any fresh produce, keeping them securely in a suitable container will mean you can safely use them after this.

    Candles are susceptible to extremes in temperatures, and may sweat or frost in hot or cold conditions. So keeping them in a cool place, and safely in a suitable container, protects them from being damaged in these ways.

    The wax in candles often becomes brittle and may crack if they are kept at too low a temperature, while prolonged exposure to sunlight can also alter their colour. This is why a good airtight, light resistant container is the best place for storing candles which you want to keep for any period of time when they aren’t being used. If you’re just starting out with your candle-making, or are working to a tight budget, why not take a look at our special offers pages, where you could find a few bargains to get you started!

    How long can I keep my candles in a container for?

    The material from which the candle is made, as well as the type of container in which you keep it, can have an important bearing on a lifetime of a candle.

    Older-style paraffin candles can be kept almost indefinitely if you keep them somewhere cool, dry and away from strong sunlight. More modern candle types, such as soya candles, are good for up to two years after their date of manufacture - but that is because of the nature of the candle material itself, rather than how they are stored.



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