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Candle Moulds

A comprehensive choice of innovative Candle Moulds for candle crafting


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    Aluminium Tealight Candle Moulds

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                    Votive Candle Making Moulds


                      Candle Moulds

                      Once you’ve embarked on the adventure of making your own candles, you’re sure to want to explore the boundaries of this highly creative craft.

                      Modern materials science has swept away many of the limitations to how creative you can be when designing and making your own candles.

                      Silicone is the most popular material from which most candle moulds are made today, although plastic is also still a common choice.

                      You’ll find moulds made from both these materials among those that we stock at Randall’s Candles. You can choose from designs for an individual candle, or a larger number, but each of our candle moulds has been carefully chosen to be of the highest quality to give you the best, most consistent results.

                      Why not get creative with some of the highly distinctive candle moulds which we stock, and that will be the starting point for producing truly distinctive results which are sure to get noticed? Don’t forget too, to keep them safe and protected when not in use, in our candle holders and tins.

                      Call us on 01945 880247 during office hours, or email, if you have any questions about choosing your own candle moulds, or any other of our products. We have many years’ experience which you can rely on to get sound advice on every aspect of making your own candles.

                      How To Make Candles From A Mould

                      This is one of the easiest ways to get consistent, high-quality results from your own candle-making efforts.

                      Using a measuring jug, pour out the amount of wax you need, then add this to a bowl.

                      Fill a saucepan with boiling water on a low to medium heat, then place your pouring jug in the water. Using your thermometer, regularly check the temperature of your wax.

                      When your wax reaches its required melting point, remove it from the heat.

                      Once the wax has cooled to about 65 degrees C, add any fragrance oil you wish to use.

                      Let it cool further, to between 55 and 60 degrees C, then pour your wax into your mould. Leave it to set overnight at room temperature.

                      Randall’s Candles is your one-stop shop for everything to do with candles, and we’re happy to pass on to you the benefit of our many years’ knowledge and experience to help you choose the ideal wick as the finishing touch to a candle that’s as unique and eye-catching as you want it to be!

                      If you need any more advice, we’re happy to help - just contact our helpline on 01945 880247, or take a look at our FAQs page, where we answer many of the most common general questions we get asked by our customers.

                      Candle Moulds FAQs

                      What are candle moulds typically made from?

                      A range of materials is used from which to make candle moulds, usually depending on the amount and temperature of the molten wax that they are designed to handle.

                      Modern moulds most often use man-made materials such as polycarbonate, due to their ability to withstand quite high temperatures, their strength, and the fact that they are also easy to clean.

                      What do I need to make my own candles from a mould?

                      Once you have decided which mould you wish to use, you will only need a small amount of other equipment - which you are likely to already have readily available in your kitchen.

                      Apart from your mould and wax, these are:

                      • Scales

                      • A jug suitable for pouring hot wax

                      • Thermometer

                      • Bowl

                      • Saucepan

                      How do I clean my candle moulds after use?

                      All kinds of candle moulds are designed for repeated use - but thorough cleaning is important to help ensure that you get consistent results.

                      Cleaning a silicone mould: Place the mould in warm water and let it rest until the wax starts to soften. You can then wipe out the remaining wax with kitchen paper. For best results, leave the mould to dry naturally.

                      A plastic mould should be cleaned using warm water, and by rubbing it with a non-abrasive cleaner such as dish soap and a dishcloth. Stubborn deposits of wax should be left after soaking for an hour, and you should then be able to shift them using a soft cloth.

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